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.work is a comment as a well as a domain,
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More than half a million search engines give extra "search engine juice" to a PROPERLY DESIGNED, rule-obeying one-word website.
Generally speaking, having a one-word domain is NOT enough in and of itself, to get a top position on most search engines.
Should the front page of your one-word domain's website
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Should the front page of your one-word domain's website
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It's that simple: Hasn't changed in 24 years we've participated, likely won't change soon.

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Any time you speak of your product or service,
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EVERYONE needs an online identity.

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The one magnificence of an exact-match domain:   It's EXACTLY what people type at search engines.

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Distinctive: A one-word domain instantly sets you apart from competitors.

Memorability: One-word domains are easy to remember, boosting brand recall.

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Online Identity: Secure a strong digital identity with a memorable domain.

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Relevantly sensible, and, perhaps just as much, sensibly relevant to the instant subject.

Providing value on every page brings profits not always easily characterized as defined numerically.
When you deliver information that can impel immediate effect, choose from Murphy's Law to Newton's 3rd:
As a child, maybe you heard about casting your bread upon the waters. Along those lines, get as you give.
Recognizing the power of being able to predict an outcome in advance is a mightly profitable tool to have.
The more we, just for example, help someone else be important or save a life, etc., etc., payback comes.
As sure as night the day, the portions life seems to persistently throw our way is equal and opposite.

With zero intent to be preachy, Psychology of Shortcuts invites you to consider this a reminder of your power.
No need, as usual, to believe a word, only to put it to the test. Extend your best, just to see what returns.